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...All the tales are being told while I care of winter trees...

I am wearing:

Skin: [ MUDSKIN ]_MExME6_E2_Pinky Pale (by Sopha Portal) NEW@We<3Rp - Dec Ed.
Hair: .Olive. the Snow Queen Hair - RARE (by naminaeko) NEW@Arcade Gacha  - Dec Ed.
Hands&Nails: Zibska ~ Glaw - for Slink Hands (by Zib Scaggs) NEW@Tales of Fantasy - Dec Ed.
Necklace: *NW* Dragon Egg - Obsidian - Gold (by Mystik Ruby) NEW@Tales of Fantasy - Dec Ed.
Necklace black: :(SH): Season of Steel - Episode 1 - Black (by XanXan Jervil) NEW@Tales of Fantasy - Dec Ed.
Tiara: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Collapse Black Tiara (by Donatela Couturier) NEW@Tales of Fantasy - Dec Ed.
Black Leaves: Zibska ~ Dalliance Full Vs. (by Zib Scaggs) NEW@We<3Rp - Dec Ed.
Pauldron: Luas Lavender Pauldron (by AinaraLuas) NEW@Tales of Fantasy - Dec Ed.
Dress: Peqe - Tear of Lys_Black (by Inex Hax)
Pose: ::Axix:: LadyCrow 3 - w/crows (by Elise Mannequin)
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...Precious and fragile things...

I am wearing:

-1st look-
Skin: [theSkinnery] Leigh 1 (honey) RARE (by Umazuma Metaluna) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Hair: ICONIC-HIA-light ombres (by Neveah Niu) NEW@Winter Trend SL 2014
Nails: {Wicked} Peach - Mani/Pedi - Plaid (by Autumn Amaranth) NEW@Winter Trend SL 2014
Earrings: Cae :: Blizzard :: Collection (by Caelan Hancroft) NEW@Winter Trend Fair 2014
Ring: (Yummy) Ice Ring - Quartz & Gold (by Polyester Partridge) NEW@Collabor'88 - Dec Ed.
Scarf: [tea.s] Scouts Scarf - Jupiter (by Tea Soup) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerds last day
Backpack: [tea.s] Turtle Backpack   (by Tea Soup) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerds last day
Jeans: LumiereApparel - SkinnyJeans/Collection (by AskParis)NEW@Fameshed Dec Ed.
Shirt: LumiereApparel - RolledUpSleevedTShirt/Collection (by AskParis) NEW@Fameshed Dec Ed.
Cardigan: LumiereApparel - ChicCardigan/Collection (by AskParis) NEW@Fameshed Dec Ed.
Shoes: .::Pure Poison::. - Kawaii Geek Flats - Vert - for Slink Flat Feet (by Shaleene Kenin) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerds last day
Cat: Foxes - Woodland Wonderland - Kitten RARE (by Tyr Rozenblum) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Pose 1st pic: [ pose+ivity ] sophia 4 (by Meccaa)

-2nd look-
Skin: -Belleza- Lola Med 3 R (by Shyla Diggs) NEW@Winter Trend SL 2014
Hair: Rowne. - Marit - Reds (by Couler Latoe)
Nails: {Wicked} Peach - Mani/Pedi - Plaid (by Autumn Amaranth) NEW@Winter Trend SL 2014
Ring: LaGyo_Sienna rings SET Gold (by Gyorgyna Larnia) NEW@Collabor'88 - Dec Ed.
Hat: *TuttiFrutti* Blanche Mesh Bonnet - Folk Ecru RARE  (by Bela Tolsen) NEW@Winter Trend SL 2014
Scarf: *TuttiFrutti* Blanche Mesh Scarf - Ecru (by Bela Tolsen) NEW@Winter Trend SL 2014
Sweater: *TuttiFrutti* Blanche Mesh Sweaters - Prints - folk ecru (by Bela Tolsen) NEW@Winter Trend SL 2014
Skirt: GizzA - Preppy Skirt [Brown] (by Giz Seorn) NEW
Boots: Baiastice - Gill Stretch Boots-Print Kenya (by Sissy Pessoa) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Pose 1st pic: [ pose+ivity ] - Justice4 (by Meccaa)

-3rd look-
Skin: Glam Affair - December skin - America 01 RARE (by aida Ewing) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Hair: little bones. Ranger Gacha - Ombre&Roots (by Nova Faerye) NEW@Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Nails: {Wicked} Peach - Mani/Pedi - Plaid (by Autumn Amaranth) NEW@Winter Trend SL 2014
Necklace: *Fishy Strawberry* Bowtie Necklace w/hud colors&metals (by Fae Eriksen) NEW@The Chapter Four - Dec Ed.
Hat: ::Gabriel:: Dog knit cap (by Garrete  Moonkill) NEW@The Mens Dept - Dec Ed.
Glove: ::Gabriel:: Dog knit glove (by Garrete  Moonkill) NEW@The Mens Dept - Dec Ed.
Tights: Izzie's - Heart Tights - for Slink Feet (by Izzie Button)
Outfit: [monso] My Leather Blouson - Black (by Morphine Janick) NEW@Fameshed Dec Ed.
Shoes: .::Pure Poison::. - Carla Ankle Boots - Blac - for Slink High&Mid Feet (by Shaleene Kenin) NEW@Winter Trend SL 2014
Pose 1st pic: Le Poppycock - Easy as pie (by Olivia Lalonde)
Pug: Birdy - A Pug Xmas - Rudolf pug (by Tyr Rozenblum) NEW@The Chapter Four - Dec Ed.

-4th look-
Head: TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) - Soft (Deluxe) (by TheShops)
App Head: [theSkinnery] Yukiko (Universal MeshHead) (honey) (by Umazuma Metaluna) NEW@The Chapter Four - Dec Ed.
Skin: [theSkinnery] Leigh 1 (honey) RARE (by Umazuma Metaluna) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Thalia - gingers (by Truth Hawks)
Nails: {Wicked} Peach - Mani/Pedi - Plaid (by Autumn Amaranth) NEW@Winter Trend SL 2014
Mouth: anc Ltd. - Season of Giving - friedwildberry. ''belly''  (by aki69) NEW@Arcade Xmas Gift - under Christmas Tree
Earrings&Necklace: LaGyo Layered necklaces and earrings Gold (by Gyorgyna Larnia) NEW@Fameshed Dec Ed.
Mask: Birdy/Foxes - Deer Cutie - Mask (by nina Helix) NEW@Arcade Xmas Gift - under Christmas Tree
Bag: .tsg. Yorkie Puppies - Carrier RARE (by Elfie Sugarplum) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Tunic: *Fishy Strawberry* Belted Tunic - Black (by Fae Ericksen) NEW@Winter Trend SL 2014
Pants: *TuttiFrutti* Kylie Mesh Legging - Floral Brown (by Bela Tolsen) NEW@Peace On Earth 7 Hunt until dec 31
Shoes: [Co57] Alena Wedge Boot Short Noir (by MzEvieNoir) NEW@Winter Trend Fair 2014
Pose 1st pic: [KoKoLoReS] - {party girl}here I am (by Leyla Flux)
Poses 2nd&3rd pics: Everglow - Frost (by Fanny Willis) NEW@Winter Trend SL 2014

Apartment: llorisen // mimi skybox.babyblue&white (by Elsa Wellesley) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Chair: 8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Grandpa's Knit Chair (by 8f8) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Plate on chair: Schadenfreude Plate of Ginger Pigs (by Allegory Malaprop) NEW@Arcade Xmas Gift - under Christmas Tree
Windowseat: Second Spaces - Snow Day Windowseat - dark (by Elle Kirshner) NEW@Collabor'88 - Dec Ed.
Table: Second Spaces - snow day table - red  (by Elle Kirshner) NEW@Collabor'88 - Dec Ed.
Books above table: Second Spaces - snow day books - messy stack  (by Elle Kirshner) NEW@Collabor'88 - Dec Ed.
Christmas Tree: .aisling. Monbo Sapin - Natural (by Damian Kleiner) NEW@Arcade Xmas Gift - under Christmas Tree
Purple Fox: .::Pure Poison::. - Happy Fox Pawn (by Shaleene Kenin) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Red Fox: .::Pure Poison::. - Enlove Fox Pawn (by Shaleene Kenin) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Blue Fox: .::Pure Poison::. - Suspicious Fox Pawn (by Shaleene Kenin) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
White Fox: .::Pure Poison::. - Queen Fox (by Shaleene Kenin) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Grey Fox: .::Pure Poison::. - King Fox  (by Shaleene Kenin) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Christmas Book: flowey's publishing / 12 Restarts of Christmas by Laggy Claus (by Flutter Memel) NEW@Arcade Xmas Gift - under Christmas Tree
Vase: tarte. tea planter (blue) (by alixxbell) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Desk: {vespertine}worktable (by Amelie Knelstrom) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Fox w/kid: *ionic* Mommy and kid Foxes (by Iakua Arriaga) NEW@The Chapter Four - Dec Ed.
Bunny: *ionic* The bunnie  and the carrots (by Iakua Arriaga) NEW@The Chapter Four - Dec Ed.
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...cold inside...

I apologize for being late to post something for you, but I have had many back pain in the last days that are preventing me from getting too time sitting. I hope that having solved this problem in part, I can dedicate myself more this month. I want to advance that began a few days ago the Winter Trend SL, second edition of the super successful annual event that brings more than 150 designers spread in two lands called North Pole and South Pole, well suited to the theme. Dress warmly up and run to do your shopping. ♥

I am wearing:

Skin: [PXL] - MIA PA  Makeup 02 MEB C2 (by HArt Larsson) NEW@We<3RP - Dec Ed.
Hair: [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Oonagh - reds (by Leyla Flux) NEW@We<3RP - Dec Ed.
Headpiece: *LODE* Head Accessory - Ice Berries [white] RARE (by Chirzaka Vlodovic) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec Ed.
Face tattoo: .ARISE. Remy Facetattoo / White (hard) (by lonlysoule) NEW@Suicide Dollz
Headdress: .Pekka. Aida headress steel (by Kathya Szczepanski) NEW@We<3RP - Dec Ed.
Hands: [The Forge] Scale Collar & Hand Guards - Silver (by Deccan Arida) NEW@We<3RP - Dec Ed.
Nails: {Wicked} Peach - Mani/Pedi - Icicle - for Slink/Belleza Hands&Feet (by Autumn Amaranth) NEW@Winter Trend Sl 2014
Piercing: ieQED snowflake.septum.piercing GIFT (by SigiFaust) NEW@We<3RP - Dec Ed.
Neck: Refined Wild - Kiryn - w/hud colors (by Khyle Sion) NEW@We<3RP - Dec Ed.
Shrug: .{yumyums}. Winter Shrug {Light Knit} w/hud colors (by Iokko Molko) NEW@We<3RP - Dec Ed.
Dress: !gO! Bess  white (by Gocha Merlin) NEW@We<3RP - Dec Ed.
Shoes: [Co57] Alena Wedge Boot High Blanc (by MzEvieNoir) NEW@Winter Trend SL
Pose 1st pic: Bauhaus Movement - SnowQ (by LouLou Teichmann)
Poses 2nd&3rd pics: *EverGlow* - Frost poses (by Fanny Willis) NEW@Winter Trend SL 2014
Birdies w/lights: {anc} 3.cocktailbird/ bird:white RARE (by aki69) NEW@Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Huskies: ISPACHI - [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Huskies (by Andred Qinan) NEW@Arcade Gacha - Dec. Ed
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...just wanted to make something simply beautiful...

I am wearing:

Head: Slink - Visage Mesh Head - Becky (by Siddean Munro)
App Head: [theSkinnery] Suki honey (by Umazuma Metaluna) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerds
Skin: [theSkinnery] - Hazel - Bare face (honey) (by Umazuma Metaluna) NEW
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Vivi - Gingers (by Truth Hawks) NEW@Uber - Dec Ed.
Nails: Frogstar - Dino Egg Polish Fingernails - for Slink Hands (by Ravenna Rossini) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerds
Choker: Zaara - Banjara silver choker (by Zaara Kohime) NEW@Collabor'88 - Nov Ed.
Bracelet: Zaara - Banjara kada bracelets *wrist* (by Zaara Kohime) NEW@Collabor'88 - Nov Ed.
Necklace: Zaara - Banjara silver talisman necklace (by Zaara Kohime) NEW@Collabor'88 - Nov Ed.
Bag: .::Pure Poison::. - Millionaire Bag  (by Shaleene Kenin) NEW@My Attic - Nov Ed last hours
Jacket: GizzA - Suede Blazer [Plum]  (by Giz Seorn) NEW
Bra: (NO) - Strap Bra part of Lace Crop Top - Black (by Nylon Pinkney) NEW@Collabor'88 - Nov Ed.
Pants: Legal Insanity - Margot rolled up blue jeans (by DATRIP Blackbart) NEW
Shoes: - Opal.Heels (Coal) - for Slink&Belleza High Feet (by Darling Monday) NEW@Uber - Dec Ed.
Pose 1st pic: double take - riches and fortune (by Valena Vacano) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerds
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...little time for myself...

I am wearing:
Body: -Belleza- Venus V 0.02 (by Tricky Boucher) NEW
Skin: -Belleza- Eva Uber Med 5 (by Shyla Diggs) NEW@Uber - Dec Ed.
Hair: (EPOQUE HAIR) Follower - Organic (by Ziekling Bunnyhug) NEW@The Fantasy Collective
Necklace: LaGyo_Hamsa necklace Gold (by Gyorgyna Larnia)
Mirror Phone: ::LC:: Mirror Phone & Case L [Angel] w/poses (by Pinky Chrome) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Bracelet: -Fox.Poison- Love (by Chrystal Galicia) NEW@The Secret Affair
Jacket: Baiastice_Misty Jacket-Charcoal-(by Sissy Pessoa) NEW@Collabor'88 - Nov Ed.
Top: [whatever] Lissy Tanktop - black w/Belleza app (by AnnaGrey) NEW
Pants: Blueberry - Radi - Mesh Belts & Jeans (Boot Friendly) Midnight (by Blueberryxx) NEW
Shoes: Glamistry - NEMESIA AnkleBoots w/hud colors&metals  for Slink&Belleza Feet (by Glamistry) NEW@CosplaySL
Poses: Sari-Sari - Ground Sit (by AbbyAnne)

Gloves: [geek.] Prototype Glove Black (by jada Tigerpaw) NEW@CosplaySL
Clock: Alouette - Large Wooden Clock (by Scarlet Chandrayaan) NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Milk Can: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Milk Can with Branches (by Paco Pooley) NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Light Tree: [PM] Pixel Mode - Lighted Tree - C (by Tya Fallingbridge)  NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Guitar Case: - David Heather - Guitare Case black (by Gianni Broda) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival - last day
Cup: - David Heather - Char Cup (by Gianni Broda) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival - last day
Food: 8f8 - Rising Sun Delicates - Chakin & Fukusa Zushi RARE (by 8f8) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival - last day
Food: 8f8 - Rising Sun Delicates - Ringo Stars  (by 8f8) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival - last day
Food: 8f8 - Rising Sun Delicates - Wakame Miso-Shiru RARE  (by 8f8)NEW@Xiasumi School Festival - last day
Table: {iD} - TaBlE-DaRk-06- (by HAZ Starship) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival - last day
Bike: Toro. Racer Bicycle Wallrack {Basic colors} RARE (by Jammeh) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival - last day
Ale Can: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Alien Ale (by PAco Pooley) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerds
Backpack: - Dreamer.Backpack (Wizarding) - Coal (by Darling Monday) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerds
Electronic Library: -Buttery Toast- Electronic Library - Open - ULTRA RARE (by Faylinn Erin) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerds
Chair: .:revival:. metal chair 01 (by Momentous)
Pillow: Sway's [Yuka] Floor Pillow - brown (by Sway Dench)
Cigarettes box: [ kunst ] - Cigarettes box / black - silver (by Kunst Himmer)
Cigarette box red: [ kunst ] - Cigarette box waste (by Kunst Himmel)
Ashtray: [ kunst ] - Ashtray #1 / black - silver (by Kunst Himmer)
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...a sky full of stars...

Geeks'N'Nerds started at last November 24 bringing exclusive creations on the theme. If you like movies, TV series, sci fi, video games of course you will not loose it.  Take a look at the map at the end of this post. See you there.♥ 

I am wearing:

-look one - 1st pic-
Skin:  Glam Affair - Lauren - America - 06(by aida Ewing) NEW@Collabor'88 - Nov Ed.
Hair: little bones. Snow Spell I - Reds  (by Nova Faerye) NEW@The Secret Affair
Headpiece: .Lvl93. Gardenhead Pearl Head Piece - Gold (by Tylonn) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Nails: Bella Elephante - Once Upon A Fairytale for Slink/Belleza Feet&Hands (by MelissaJeanne Flores) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Necklace: (Yummy) Eye of Eternity Choker - Gold (by Polyester Partridge) NEW@N21 - Nov Ed.
Ring: (Yummy) Eye of Eternity  Ring - Gold (by Polyester Partridge) NEW@N21 - Nov Ed.
Bag: ALTAIR* qt backpack ~Ouija~ (by Tsurine) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Cardigan: *Fishy Strawberry* Belted Maxi-Cardigan - Ivory (by Fae Eriksen) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Pet: Foxes - Little Chi - Patch - Hold pet (by nina Helix) NEW@N21 - Nov Ed.
Top: {SMS} Silky Cropped Tank Strings Magenta (by Irie Campese) NEW@The Dressing Room Fusion
Pants: OVH - 3Jeans . Wine . (by Overhigh) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Delila Stiletto for Slink/Belleza Hands&Feet (by Nardya Rousselot) NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Pose: *EverGlow* - Comfy poses - 4 - (by Fanny Willis) NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
-look two - 1st pic-
Skin: -Glam Affair - Angelica V2 - Asia 03 (by aida Ewing) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Charlie Mesh Hair - Gingerbread (by MissAllSunday Lemon) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Eyeshadow: .ARISE. Cat Eyeshadow / Black (by Lonlysoule)
Tattoo Face: .ARISE. Maori Facetattoo / Black (by Lonlysoule) NEW@Suicide Dollz
Bracelet: ::Modish:: Nadine Gem Bracelet GOLD [ Amethyst] (by Ele Brandi) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Nails: Bella Elephante - Magic Combo -  for Slink/Belleza Feet&Hands (by MelissaJeanne Flores) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Bag: =Zenith= Babo Bear Bag (Black) (by Miffyhoi Rosca) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Necklace: Cae :: Timey Wimey Things w/hud colors&metals (by Caelan Hancroft) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Piercing Nose: MONS / MESH - Septum Ring (style18) (by ekilem) NEW@CosplaySL
Sweater: *TuttiFrutti* Glam Mesh Sweater Black (by Bela Tolsen) NEW@My Attic - Nov Ed.
Pants: *TuttiFrutti* Millionaire Mesh Legging Golden (by Bela Tolsen) NEW@My Attic - Nov Ed.
Shoes: *Fishy Strawberry* Gold Digger Heels Black w/hud colors - for Slink High Feet (by Fae Eriksen) NEW@My Attic - Nov Ed.
Pose: (marukin) [peony] 03 (by Valencia Southard) NEW@Collabor'88 - Nov Ed.

-look three - 1st pic-
Skin: -Glam Affair - Angelica V2 - Asia 07 (by aida Ewing) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Sian - light blondes (by Truth Hawks) NEW
Cheeks: {Wicked} Peach - Rosy (by Autumn Amaranth) NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Eyeshadow: The Wicked Peach - Winter Harvest Eye Makeup 5 (by Autumn Amaranth) NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Nails: -{ZOZ}- Balloon Animal polish for Slink Hands&Feet (by Zozicon) NEW@The Cirque de Seraphim - last day
Bag: *May's Soul* Pop corn purse blue (by May Tolsen) NEW@The Cirque de Seraphim - last day
Necklace&Earrings: Cae :: Pomme de Pin :: Collection w/hud colors&metals (by Caelan Hancroft) NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Fur: LumiereApparel - Fur Tier / Faux Rabbit fur / (by AskParis) NEW@Fameshed - Nov Ed.
Outfit: *Shai* Women's Jumpsuit - Apricot (by Shai Delacroix) NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Shoes: [Co57] PiaMia 2.0 Golden - for Slink High Feet (bu MzEvieNoir) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Book w/pose: *N* BOOK 2014_#1 ALICE (by taiko McCaw) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival

Table: Soy. Pipe table [wood] (by Soyoy)  NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Melodica: xin. melodica + feel good RARE w/pose (by superjaix) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Apartment sky: :HAIKEI: blue door of Old apartment (by qo0op) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Mug floor: Ariskea - [ Winter Warm ] Heart  w/pose (by Diaxm)  NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Sideboard: Alouette - Autumn Entryway Table (by Scarlet Chandrayaan) NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Mirror: [Brixley] Rustic Frame - mirror (by Isabelle Requiem)  NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Lantern: {what next} Winter Harvest Lantern (by Winter Thorn)   NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Soup: {what next} Winter Harvest Soup Tray  (by Winter Thorn)   NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Bottles&Mugs: {what next} Winter Harvest Drinks Tray (by Winter Thorn)   NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Tarts: {what next} Winter Harvest Jam Tarts (by Winter Thorn)  NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Basket: {what next} Winter Harvest Picnic (by Winter Thorn)   NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Pillows floor: - floor.pillows (smile) (by Darling Monday) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Wall Embroidery: Second Spaces - IT embroidery (by Elle Kirshner) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Canvases: - be.canvases (shadow) (by Darling Monday) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Bust: [LJ] Geeky Bust - Sir Metal Wizard (Marble) (by Tala Laval) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Box floor: Second Spaces - box of junk (by Elle Kirshner) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Mushroom red: A.D.D.Andel! Mushroom Lamp-Red (by Andel Rhiadra) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Mushroom yellow: A.D.D.Andel! Mushroom Lamp-No Cord-Orange  (by Andel Rhiadra) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Block Chair: Sari-Sari - Block Chair (Wood) (by Stupidmonkey) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Blocks: Sari-Sari - Block Apples (by Stupidmonkey) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Hanging Lights: The Hive - Geek Chic Hanging Light (by TheHiveStore) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Frame: The Hive - Geek Chic Picture Frame (by TheHiveStore) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Laptop: The Hive - Geek Chic Laptop (by TheHiveStore) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Pencils: The Hive - Geek Chic Pencil Holder (by TheHiveStore) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Desk: The Hive - Geek Chic Desk (by TheHiveStore) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Abacus: [Fetch] Wall Abacus (with materials) (by DistortedDreams) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Quote Geek: The Hive - Geek Chic "Geek" Wall Art (by TheHiveStore) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Quote Wall: floorplan. "always." (by Tegan Serin) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd
Armchairs: :CP: Los Robles Armchair (by Isla Gealach) NEW@Geeks'N'Nerd

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...a tightrope walker dreaming about flying...

I am wearing:

Body: Slink - Physique Mesh Body (by Siddean Munro)
Skin: Glam Affair - Angelica V2 - Asia 03 (by aida Ewing) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Hair: Vanity Hair::Piano Bar -Light Reds (by Tabata Jewell) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Eyeliner: .ARISE. Duo Eyeliner / Gold (by lonlysoule)
Eyeshadow: .ARISE. Cat Eyeshadow Gold (by lonlysoule)
Headpiece: =Zenith= gypsy divine wreath (tiffany & Gold) (by Miffyhoi Rosca) NEW@The Secret Affair
Collar: [geek.] Spun Gold Pak (by jada Tigerpaw) NEW@Enchantment - last days
Necklace (*): [MANDALA] SAKURA-DYNASTY-ALL colors (by Kikunosuke Eel) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Ring: Bokeh - Carnival Ring 'gold-dots' (by BokehStore) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Nails: {Imeka} Nails Polish - Pack 01 - for Belleza/Slink Hands&Feet (by NatiWilliams) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Outfit: .::Pink Sugah::. Trapeze Outfit - Gold - w/ also apply Slink Physique Mesh Body (by Tara Asamoah) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Shoes: ieQED - for Slink High Feet (by SigiFaust) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.

(*) Katana:  [MANDALA] SAKURA-DYNASTY-ALL colors (by Kikunosuke Eel) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Lamp: junk. arch lamp. short. (by Tab Tatham) NEW@Collabor'88 - Nov Ed.
Apothecary: junk. apothecary chest. (by Tab Tatham) NEW@Collabor'88 - Nov Ed.
Monstrance: {vespertine} through the looking glasses set (by Amelie Knelstrom) NEW@Collabor'88 - Nov Ed.
Books: floorplan.&Willow. apothecary books (by Tegan Serin) NEW@Collabor'88 - Nov Ed.
Mill: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] coffee mill (by Paco Pooley) NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Teapot: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Teapot (by Paco Pooley) NEW@The Liaison Collaborative - Nov Ed.
Violoncello: ~*S.E.*~ The Master's Cello (by Draconias Timeless) NEW@We<3RP - Nov Ed.
Chair: / XIAJ / Cara Wooden Chair (by superjaix)
Chest: .breathe.Travel Chest (by breatheSL) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Elephant: [geek.] Luftballon Pak Blue (by jada Tigerpaw) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Monkey: MadPea Charlie Chimplan (by RAG Randt) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Wall&Lights: Toro. Wallhanging + Lights {Mandala} (by Jammeh) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
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...glimpses of insanity in my careless mind...

Began at last November 15, the CosplaySL Event coming to present to you unique creations on the theme costume play of anime e mangas. I would not miss if I were you. See you there.♥

I am wearing:

Skin: -Glam Affair - Angelica V2 - Asia 07 (by aida Ewing) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Hair: [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Kimiko - B&W (by Leyla Flux) NEW@CosplaySL
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Blossom~ Ice Eye (by Funeral Plutonian) NEW@CosplaySL
Nails: .Figure. Pokeball Nails - for Slink Hands&Feet (by Nittinha Aeon) NEW@CosplaySL
Necklace: ALTAIR* zZz neko necklace .white (by tsurine) NEW@CosplaySL
Collar: MONS / MESH - Kitty Choker (gold) (by Ekilem) NEW@CosplaySL
Bow Hair: .Olive. the Sweet Bow - Salmon (by naminaeko) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Bag: Sweet Thing. Sweet Doll (Tan) Bag w/hud colors (by AyaShula) NEW@The Kawaii Project
Outfit: [monso] My Teacher Suit Blazer - Pink (by Morphine Janick) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Watch: -ATTIC- Watchie Talkie Pink RARE (by Citta Woskee) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Socks: Izzie's - Knee Socks - for Slink Feet (by Izzie Button)
Shoes: - Eve.Heels - Ghost -for Slink Mid Feet (by Darling Monday) NEW@Uber - Nov Ed.
Poses: Bauhaus Movement - Melanie (by LouLou Teichmann)
            Bauhaus Movement - Bella (by LouLou Teichmann)

Bookcase Screen:  Lark - Elemental Bookcase - 1 (by Sienia Trevellion) NEW@Collabor'88 - Nov Ed.
Vase: [ keke ] berries - white (by Kean Kelly) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Decorative Urchin: [ARIA] Blair decorative Sea Urchin pair (by Yelo Uriza) NEW@The Mens Dept - Nov Ed.
Console: [ARIA] Blair glass console table (by Yelo Uriza) NEW@The Mens Dept - Nov Ed.
Pouf: [ARIA] Blair pouf (by Yelo Uriza) NEW@The Mens Dept - Nov Ed.
Mug: PILOT - Coffee Mug [Silver Lipstick] (by Kaz Nayar) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Book: PILOT - Book and Tablet Stack  (by Kaz Nayar) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
Clock: floorplan. bunny clock / white (by Tegan Serin) NEW@The Kawaii Project
Fox: +Half-Deer+ Minimalist Fox - Pastel Pink (by Halogen Magic) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Lhama: +Half-Deer+ Lovely Little Llama - Lovebug (by Halogen Magic) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Camera: *Cocoroni : Instant Camera Gacha BabyPink RARE (by NoSanta) NEW@Kustom9 - Nov Ed.
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...never mind the darkness and rest the head...

I am wearing:

Skin: [theSkinnery] Meysha - November Moon (honey) (by Umazuma Metaluna) NEW@The Secret Affair
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Barbarian Dreads (by M4ri1yn Magic) NEW@We<3RP - Nov Ed.
Claws: Bliensen - Rawwr - Claws - gold (by Plurabelle Laszlo) NEW@We<3RP - Nov Ed.
Bracer: . a i s l i n g . Fangarth -Bracer- Gold (by Druunah Esharham)
Sword: . a i s l i n g . - The Unexpected Wife (by Damian Kleiner)
Necklace: Zibska - Guntram w/hud metals (by Zib Scaggs) NEW@We<3RP - Nov Ed.
Tattoo: .Inhale. Violence w/applies (by ranhendrix) NEW@.Sad November.
Nose Chain: .random.Matter. - Sanza Nose Chain - Gold (by Nikohl Hax)
Wings: Miamai_BattleFairy Wings Copper (by monica Outlander) NEW@We<3RP - Nov Ed.
Headpiece: *May's Soul* Oracul jewelry. Headpiece RARE (by May Tolsen) NEW@The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Dress: .::Pure Poison::. - Luana Dress - Brown  (by Shaleene Kenin) NEW@The Secret Affair
Leg Harness: [whatever] Gladiator Harness - brown (by AnnaGrey)
Shoes: [whatever] Chain Flats - brown - for Slink Flat Feet (by AnnaGrey) NEW@The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Pose 2nd&3rd pic: Bauhaus Movement - Leaves & Bokeh 1 (by LouLou Teichamann) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Pose 1st pic: Bauhaus Movement - Leaves & Bokeh 4 RARE (by LouLou Teichamann) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival

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...feeling the comfort of eyes is your sole intention...

I am wearing:

Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren - America - 06 (by aida Ewing) NEW@Collabor'88 - Nov Ed.
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* Kezia light reds +faded (by Shylah Honey) NEW@We<3RP - Nov Ed.
Nails: {Wicked} Peach - Ferocious - for Slink Hands&Feet (by Autumn Amaranth) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Collar: .Pekka. Supernatural choker - gold (by Kathya Szczepanski) NEW@.Sad November.
Necklace: [tea.s] Tortured Heart - Gold - Green (by TEa Soup) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Coat: _CandyDoll_ Lolita Coat Light Green w/hud color belt (by Rebeca Dembo) NEW@.Sad November.
Pants: KITJA CHERIE - Noir Pants BLUE (by Kitja Rexie) NEW@.Sad November.
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Liz Stiletto Suede Orange - for Slink/Belleza High Feet (by Nardya Rousselot) NEW

P.S. Sorry, I forgot to write down the poses of this post. 

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...charming smile that can not smile..

Cirque de Seraphim has begun and has more than 150 designers and original creations for the event with the circus theme. And to get better you can still make donations to ASPCA buying unique items marked for this purpose. Be sure to stop by and make your donations to a very important cause - if you want to know a little more about it click hereAnd if you want to see the two maps and location of all stores click here. See you there. ♥

I am wearing:
-Look Left-
Skin: *_M.birdie story_* Bongsook skin 03 (by MONIMANI) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Hair: Vanity Hair The Contortionist light reds (by Tabata Jewell) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Earrings: .Atomic. {Balloon Animal} Jewelry Set (by Ivy Graves) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Necklace: Cocoroni : Calculators Panda RARE (by NoSanta) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Mouth: B.C.C School canteen food-Melon Bread [Mouth] (by vitamingirl) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Nails: .Figure. The Clown - for Slink Hands&Feet (by Nittinha Aeon) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Hand: {Imeka} Boy Onigiri Bento (by NatiWilliams) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Sweater: *Fishy Strawberry* Off-Shoulder Sweater - PACK 3 blue w/hud quotes (by Fae Eriksen) NEW@The Chapter Four - Nov Ed.
Skirt: *Fishy Strawberry* Post-Industrial Skirt - Mid Denim w/hud metals (by Fae Eriksen) NEW@FAMESHED - Nov Ed.
Socks: :NuDoLu: Tabi chaussettes Ame & Nihon (by Neuilles Neuman) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Shoes: :NuDoLu: Zori Nihon WH  (by Neuilles Neuman) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival

-Look Center- 
Skin&Blush&Eyeliner: [theSkinnery] - Hazel - Bare face (honey) (by Umazuma Metaluna) NEW
Hair&Freckles: *Soonsiki~ F.Bomb *Reds* (by kattington) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Hat: Wimey Like a Circus: Ring Leader Top Hat w/hud colors (by Sash Arabello) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Glasses: * S O R G O - VADER / Light (by Arscene Dubrovna) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Nails: .Figure. - Circus - for Slink Hands&Feet  (by Nittinha Aeon) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Necklace: Bokeh - Trunk Me On Necklace 'all colors' (by Pamela22 Igaly) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Sweater: *TuttiFrutti* Cozy Mesh Sweater - Deep Blue (by Bela Tolsen) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Pants: *TuttiFrutti* Dolly Mesh Pants - Cherry  (by Bela Tolsen) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Shoes: {anc} schoolshoes / basic : whitered - for Slink Feet (by aki69) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Pose: Le Poppycock *Curiouser and Curiouser* Balls (by Olivia Lalonde) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Pillow 2nd pic: *_M.birdie story_* GoodNight bongsook Pillow 6 v.1 (by Monimani) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival

-Look Right-
Skin: .la petite morte. bonnie t1 clown 1 (by Voshie Paine) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Hair: Analog Dog - cointreau - dark blondes (by Queue Marlowe) NEW
Hat: Persefona Circus Hat (red stripes) (by Persefona) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Bag: -Buttery Toast- The Bag of Wonders - White w/hud colors (by Faylinn Erin) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Nails: .Figure. - Cirque - for Slink Hands&Feet (by Nittinha Aeon) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Fox: .{PSYCHO:Byts}.  Fox Red (by psikotik Gothly) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Necklace: Cae - Cirque :: Necklace w/hud colors (by Caelan Hancroft)  NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Dress: /// offbeat /// my secret closet school look (short)* rare (by Bonnie Triendle) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Shoes: {Mango Cheeks} - Priya Pumps: Ruby/Pearl - for Slink High Feet (by Kelly Bellman) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Pose: Clemmm - Cute tryhard 5 (by Clem Velinov) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival

Poses 2nd pic: Clemmm - Cute Try-hard Poses (by Clem Velinov) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival

Giraffe: .mien. {ecuyere} w/poses (by vitaheim) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Seal w/Neon: [ free bird ] Circus Seal Animated Neon Sign (by Cortez Brandriss) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Lights: .*Paper Flowers*. Circus Lights (by ArianaClaire) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Cat w/food:  *Tentacio* My lazy cat (by May Tolsen) NEW@Xiasumi School Festival
Cat w/balls: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. {Cat Circus~ Ryuk }(by Kreao Kujisawa) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Cat w/whip: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:..{Cat Circus~ Maru} (by Kreao Kujisawa) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Chair: MadPea Chipper Chair (by Rag Randt) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Elephante:  {Mango Cheeks} Take Flight: Baby [dark] (by Kelly Bellman) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Barrels: Second Spaces - Big Top Backstage - barrels & stuff (by Elle Kirshner) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Kit under vanity: Second Spaces - Big Top Backstage - clown kit  (by Elle Kishner) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Hoops: Second Spaces - Big Top Backstage - juggler (by Elle Kishner) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim
Vanity: Second Spaces - Big Top Backstage - double vanity (by Elle Kishner) NEW@Cirque de Seraphim


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