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...Here we are, don't turn away now...

I am wearing:
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara (by Onyx LeShelle)
Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica (by Catwa Clip) NEW
Head Applier: DeeTaleZ "Face Susanna" Nordic for Catwa Head (by Steffi Villota) NEW
Hair: [KoKoLoReS]- Joslyn - hud1 (by Leyla Flux) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Necklace: .aisling.- Larah Style 1 - Chest Jewelry w/hud (by Damian Kleiner) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Invictus for Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/TMP & more (by Julie Hastings) NEW@The Fantasy Collective - Sept/Oct Ed.
Blood&Wounds: antielle. Stigmata for Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/TMP (by Kaorinette) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Bra: [sYs] FARAH bra (unrigged with HUD) (by Systi Cisse) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Skirt: [sYs] FARAH skirt (fitted & body mesh with HUD) (by Systi Cisse) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Claws: ieQED talon.ring.set.obsidian for Belleza/ Maitreya/ TMP/Slink Hands (by Sigi Faust) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Shoes: [The Forge] Sanquin Sandal Black for Maitreya/Slink flat feet (by Deccan Arida) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Pose: an lar [poses] The Hollow Series  (by Katya Valeska) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Sword: Fallen Arms - The Grand Preceptor Unscripted (by SirSprocket) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Owl Gryphon: *HEXtraordinary* Siamese Owl Gryphon (by Corwin Lacourte) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.

-My Little Set-
Greyhound: meadowWorks Greyhound - Poser - en Crate (by Gavie Garzo) NEW@The Chapter Four - October Ed.
Broken Tree: Stormwood  The Broken Tree Animated Scene - Autumn (by xStormWoodx) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Column: meadowWorks - Gothic Gargoyle on Column (by Gavie Garzo) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Tree: Heart - WILDWOOD - Ancient Maple - Season Changing (by Lilith Heart) NEW@Fameshed - October Ed.
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...through the light of Seraphim...

I am wearing:
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara (by Onyx LeShelle)
Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica (by Catwa Clip) NEW
Head Applier: DeeTaleZ "Face Susanna" Nordic for Catwa Head (by Steffi Villota) NEW
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Faith Mesh Hair - Seafoam (by MissAllSunday Lemon) NEW@Fameshed - October Ed.
Chest Jewelry: .aisling.- Lucrezia - Chest Jewelry w/3 styles&hud colors (by Druunah Esharham) NEW@ROMP - October Ed.
Wings: Material Squirrel - Aeryon Mesh Wings w/hud (by Karla Bijoux) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Crown: Empyrean Forge  Jerrik Coronet - Gold w/hud stones (by EmpyreanForge) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Bracelets: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. bracialet GOLD (by Kreao Kujisawa) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Dress: !gO! Goplana - vanilla (by Gocha Merlin) NEW@We<3RP - October Ed.
Pose: an lar [poses] The Polished Series (by Katya Valeska) NEW@ROMP - October Ed.

-My little Set-

Big Tree: Hayabusa Design Elegant Tree Platane Plane MX2-4 v1-3 T5 w/hud seasons&wind  (by Mitsuko Kytori) NEW
Dark Tree: Little Branch_JapaneseMaplev1 for all Seasons  (by Cari McKeenan) NEW@Fameshed - October Ed.
Lighter Tree: Little Branch_WhiteBirchCluster for all Seasons  (by Cari McKeenan) NEW@Fameshed - October Ed.
Bed: [ zerkalo ] All White - Couch (by DanielEstro) NEW@Fameshed - October Ed.
Canopy: [ zerkalo ] All White - Canopy (by DanielEstro) NEW@Fameshed - October Ed.
Musical Note: [NO CONCEPT] musical note pendant3(gold) (by arinco) NEW@Kustom9 - Sept/Oct Ed. 
Shelf w/decor: Apt B // Snuggle Up Shelf (by FadeArcade) NEW@Shiny Shabby - Sept/Oct Ed.
Basket: Apt B // Snuggle Up Basket (by FadeArcade) NEW@Shiny Shabby - Sept/Oct Ed.
Bucket: Apt B // Snuggle Up Bucket  (by FadeArcade) NEW@Shiny Shabby - Sept/Oct Ed.
Rug: Apt B // Snuggle Up Rug (by FadeArcade) NEW@Shiny Shabby - Sept/Oct Ed.
Chest: Serenity Style - My Fall Chest (by Hanstrid Inshan) NEW@The Fantasy Collective - Sept/Oct Ed.
Fences: Serenity Style - Birdhouse Fences (by Hanstrid Inshan) NEW@The Neighbourhood - Oct Ed.
Plants: Kalopsia - Old Plants (by Isabeau Baragula) NEW@MIX - October Ed.
House: Scarlet Creative - Breeze (by Charlotte Bartlett)
Rug2: Fancy Decor: Hallway Rug (by Jake Vordun)
White Roses Floor: Aisling - 12/.a. DIY Love Potion - Ritual Roses {WHITE} (by Druunah Esharham)
White Rose Bucket: Atelier Visconti - Brise' White Roses Bucket (bystephanvisconti)
Roses Box: Apple Fall Roses Box (White) (by warehousefifteendesigns)
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...I don't pay attention to the light in the soon dark...

I am wearing:
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara (by Onyx LeShelle)
Head (*): CATWA HEAD Jessica (by Catwa Clip) NEW
Head Applier: Essences [Natasja] for Catwa Head (by Inka Mexicola) NEW@Cosmopolitan Event
Body Applier: Essences pale 2 for Maitreya (by Inka Mexicola)
Hair: tram E819 hair / brown (by Moca Loup) NEW
Earrings: Cae :: Slice :: Collection w/hud colors&metals (by Caelan Hancroft) NEW@Fameshed - Oct Ed.
Rings: Kibitz - Melody ring set gold for Maitreya/Slink Elegant&Casual (by Kathya Sczcepanski) NEW@Shiny Shabby - Sept/Octo Ed.
Dress: .miss chelsea. Estelle Knit Dress Cream for all Belleza/Maitreya/Slink (by MissChelseaStore) NEW@Fameshed - Oct Ed.
Socks: *MUKA* Garter Socks HUD light for Belleza/Maitreya/Slink *Flat&Mid&High Feet (by Muka Release)
Shoes: Essenz -  Utah - hud 2 for Maitreya/Slink High Feet (by Senzati0n Domenitzo) NEW@Fameshed - Oct Ed.
Pose: an lar [poses] The Polarius (by Katya Valeska) NEW@Shiny Shabby - Sept/Octo Ed.

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...Come and get it if you really want it...

I am wearing:
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara (by Onyx LeShelle)
Head (*): CATWA HEAD Jessica (by Catwa Clip) NEW
Head Applier: [theSkinnery] Estee champagne w/freckles&eyebrows&lipstick for Catwa Head (by Umazuma Metaluna) NEW
Body Applier: [theSkinnery] champagne for Maitreya (by Umazuma Metaluna)
Hair: tram E817 hair / beige (by Moca Loup) NEW
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Wild  for Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/TMP & more  (by Julie Hastings) Cosmopolitan Event Group Gift
Necklace: Salt&Pepper Unisex necklace Andy w/hud metals&Leather (by xxSaltandPepperxx) NEW@Shiny Shabby - Sept/Octo Ed.
Long Necklace: (Yummy) Lotus Necklace - Gold (by Polyester Partridge) NEW@N21 - Sept/Oct Ed.
Top: *Just BECAUSE* Danika Top Black  w/print version for all Belleza/Maitreya (by Annie Melson) NEW@Uber - Sept/Oct Ed.

(*) I loved that head first view I saw it. When I received the review of The Skinnery for the head, I really could not resist. I run to Catwa store to get the demo. What caught my attention was the huge amount of facial expressions that can be used in keyboard shortcuts and the best not as static but dynamic expressions. This was for me the most interesting point. Of course you will find more. Three positions of mouths, 3 types of eye openings up to the total closure. Moles options, eyeliners, lispticks, hairbases, skin and empty spaces to save the applier of the skin you're using. I recommend you try the demo and see how cool this head is. Some skins creators already part of the development team, and The Skinnery just released its. 

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...Slowly she grew, till she filled the night with matchless silvery light...

I am wearing:
Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara (by Onyx LeShelle) NEW
Applier Body (**): Egozy. Body Appliers (by Nicole Button)
Skin: Egozy  Nayenda - (Porcelain) - SOFT w/gloss&eyebrow&lipstick&moles (by Nicole Button) NEW
Eyes: [theSkinnery] Flirtacious  eye collection - 3 (by Umazuma Metaluna) NEW@Cosmetic Fair / Gachalicious
Hair: Analog Dog -  september  LIGHT BROWNS (by Queue Marlowe) NEW
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Divergent - Black  for Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/TMP & more  (by Julie Hastings) NEW@Cosmopolitan Event 3rd Anniversary
Necklace: Meva Gold Art Necklace (by Mea Carnell) NEW@Très Chic Venue - Sept Ed.
Bracelet: LUXE  Metropolis Cuffs Gold (by Jaycee Dover) NEW@Uber - Sept/Oct Ed.
Clutch: ohayo coinpurse + black cat (by HelloAiko) NEW@Kustom9 - Sept/Oct Ed.
Dress: *Fishy Strawberry* Braided Dress - Black (by Fae Eriksen) NEW@Kustom9 - Sept/Oct Ed.
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Dakota Wedges-Black - w/hud for Maitreya/Belleza/Slink High Feet (by Daisa Admiral) NEW@The Kawaii Project - Sept Ed.

(**) The Applier Pack includes
- Slink Body + Slink Hands & Feet;
- TMP (TheMeshProject) Body; 
- Sking (BraziliaDoll) Body;
- Maitreya Body; 
- KL*Lena Lush Body;
- Banned Body; 
- Belleza Body;
- WowMeh (Compatible only with SlinkFeet); 
- Ulukie Body;
- Omega Applier.

P.S. The pose was very changed and has no resemblance to the original.
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...I found solace in the strangest place, way in the back of my mind...

I am wearing:
Body: Body: -Belleza-  Venus ( Tricky Boucher) NEW
Skin: Essences {Ariel: Pale01} (by Inka Mexicola) NEW@Kustom9 - Sept Ed.
Applier Body: Essences Applier Pale01 for Belleza (by Inka Mexicola)
Hair w/horns: Doe: Deer Me (Solid) blonde w/hud colors horns (by Helyanwe Vindaloo) NEW@We<3RP - Sept Ed.
Eyeliner: .Pekka. Metallic under eyeliner Ver 2 (by Ginevra Rodex) no longer available
Eyes: [theSkinnery] Flirtacious  eye collection - 3 (by Umazuma Metaluna) NEW@Cosmetic Fair / Gachalicious
Moles: .Pekka. Face MOLES II (by Ginevra Rodex)
Headpiece: Astralia - Undergrowth wreath with HUD (by Astralia) NEW@Très Chic Venue - Sept Ed.
Necklace: Salt&Pepper Unisex necklace Andy w/hud metals&Leather (by xxSaltandPepperxx) NEW@Shiny Shabby - Sept/Octo Ed.
Long Necklace: Le Morte - Taint3d Love - Black (by Misconc3ption) NEW@IDK - Sept Ed.
Coat w/shirt: Petite Mort- Green cardigan w/HUD texture shirt (by Meshlt) NEW@Très Chic Venue - Sept Ed.
Pants: Addams-Lixie RippedSkinnyJean&ChainBelt WinterBlue w/hud metals for Belleza/Maitreya/Slink (by AmaliaRainwood) NEW@Kustom9 - Sept Ed.
Shoes: - Rosie.Boots (Dirty) (by Darling Monday) NEW@Shiny Shabby - Sept/Octo Ed.
Pose: Bauhaus  Movement -  Nene (by LouLou Teichamann)
Birdie: .Birdy. Lil Tweet {pack of 3} Enchanted (by nina Helix)

-My Little Set-
Tree: Hayabusa Design Magnolia Wada Geometry Curved (by Hiroshi Seoung) NEW
Pumpkin&tray: unKindness - Country Pumpkin Accessories (byPoe Rozenberg) NEW@Très Chic Venue - Sept Ed.
Lamp: .::Pure Poison::. - Norse Lamp (by Shaleene Kenin) NEW@The Secret Affairs - Sept Ed. 
Tree trunks w/pillows&leaves ground: GOOSE - Campfire set fall series (by Tyrek) NEW@Très Chic Venue - Sept Ed.
Sheep: Jian :: Maybelle the Sheep (byJianSL) NEW@We<3RP - Sept Ed.

0 comentários diapers will tear us apart!...

Chinchilla Head: Fawny - Soft Chinchilla - RARE (by AkiraKiyoi) NEW@Kustom9 - Sept /Octo Ed.
Avatar: Baiastice Los Pepitos Life-Avatar-Fairy RARE (by Sissy Pessoa) NEW@The Arcade Gacha Event - Sept Ed.
Outfit: Baiastice Los Pepitos Life-Fairy set (by Sissy Pessoa) NEW@The Arcade Gacha Event - Sept Ed.

Avatar: Baiastice Los Pepitos Life-Avatar-Angel (by Sissy Pessoa) NEW@The Arcade Gacha Event - Sept Ed.
Hair: Baiastice Los Pepitos Life-short hair set1 (by Sissy Pessoa) NEW@The Arcade Gacha Event - Sept Ed.
Diaper: Baiastice Los Pepitos Life-diaper set (by Sissy Pessoa) NEW@The Arcade Gacha Event - Sept Ed.
Flip Flop: Baiastice_Los Pepitos Life - FlipFlop Pink (by Sissy Pessoa) NEW@The Arcade Gacha Event - Sept Ed.
Bow: [AUX] Gacha_Slouchy Leather Bow (by Katharine McGinnis)
Glasses: Intrigue Co. - Bloom Glasses: Pink (by Tyr Rozenblum)

Mushrooms: .::Cubic Cherry::.11 {SHROOM!} mushrooms B (by Kreao Kujisawa) NEW@The Kawaii Project - Sept /Octo Ed.
Bear w/umbrella: +Half-Deer+ Forest Friend [Umbrella Polar Bear] (by Halogen Magic)  NEW@The Kawaii Project - Sept /Octo Ed.
Pose: . my lucky stars . I Got You (by Lucky Enchanted)

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